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Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews

I’ve been carrying a flashlight (for example: SUNJACK LIGHTSTICK ) with me since I can remember. They’ve changed over the years, and I’ve gone through my fair share of them. But, I would never be without one by my side, they’ve got me out of a few tight jams.

Years back, flashlights were bigger in size and cumbersome to carry. They were also less efficient in terms of brightness and battery life.

Today, however, the best tactical flashlights on the market are smaller, brighter and rechargeable, meaning you no longer have to worry about buying new batteries or having big enough pockets to fit it in.

1. Streamlight 88032

The Streamlight 88032 is a great choice for anyone who needs a bright tactical flashlight that’s small enough to keep in a pocket, yet big enough to help in a self-defense or emergency situation.

It combines compact size and the C4 LED technology, giving users in one of the brightest personal carry lights for its size.

This flashlight is crafted from machined aircraft aluminum which makes the build extremely tough and durable. The lens is tempered glass and is o-ring sealed making this flashlight waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The 88032 ProTac 1AA Light has a multi-function mode that provides the maximum light output per mode throughout the battery life of the flashlight. This light is designed for one-handed functionality and changes between high, low and strobe modes with the press of a button on the head of the flashlight.

This easy-to- handle flashlight is designed for durability, made with anodized aluminum and fitted with impact-resistant tempered glass that is sealed on with an O-ring.

It comes with 2 AA alkaline batteries and a nylon holster when purchased, and it is also made with a removable pocket clip that claims to be unbreakable and an anti-roll head. The flashlight is available in black, blue, and pink.

Waterproof at an IPX7 rating for submergence of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, this flashlight is shock resistant and impact resistant for up to two meters in order to withstand rough handling and conditions if needed.

The product is also serialized for identification purposes and meets all European Community directives that are applicable to it.

The C4 LED used in the flashlight is designed to have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. It has three user programs to control personal preferences of the varying brightness settings – High, Low, and Strobe – and with the highest level, it provides 155 lumens and 53,300 candelas peak beam intensity.

The user programs allow for users to select the settings they wish to have on the flashlight, from being able to switch between all three modes, just between high and low, and to keep it on high only.

This product makes use of solid state power regulation to allow the light to remain at the desired brightness throughout its whole battery life.

It can run for 2 hours on its high brightness setting, 3 on its strobe function, and 36 on the low setting. It has been optimized for one-handed operation and is activated easily with a tactical push-button tailswitch.

Downsides to this product include its lack of wider brightness settings for better versatility and no focus options. Streamlight’s customer service also may make it difficult for users to get refunds or returns on damaged or defective products.

However, in terms of usability, this flashlight holds up well – so if you want a tactical light that is easy to use and performs well, and you will be able to fix potential issues with it on your own, this could work for you!

Powered by 1AA battery, this ProTac light is a top pick for security professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and for personal safety.
2. SureFire G2X Series

SureFire are a well recognized brand in the Flashlight arena and for good reason. They have been around for a good number of years and always seem to produce top quality products, that are robust and affordable and the G2X is no different.

Available in 6 colors (Black, desert tan, fluorescent orange, yellow, forest green, fluorescent yellow), the SureFire G2X provides 320 lumens on the highest setting and sports a super tough Nitrolon body with an anodized aluminum bezel which can be used in self-defense.

This flashlight sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to its weight and length, but stands out in the top 3 thanks to its performance and it’s virtually indestructible LED light emitter.

This flashlight was designed with the needs of law enforcement professionals in mind. It is made of a lightweight, durable Nitrolon polymer material that is designed to provide users with a firm hold of the product. Its bezel is made from a Mil-spec hard-anodized aluminum, and its window is manufactured with tough polycarbonate in order to prevent damage.

To prevent dust and moisture for collecting, the light is also sealed with O-rings and gasket seals. It claims to be virtually indestructible. There are a variety of options for this flashlight, with a variety of designs named Pro, Tactical, CombatLight and Law Enforcement.

Each design has a differently shaped body so users can choose one that fits their grip suitably. The product also comes in a range of colors, which include black, dessert tan, florescent orange, florescent yellow, forest green, and yellow.

A 400 lumen LED emitter guarantees a strong, blinding light that lasts a long time – 2.5 hours if used continuously. A parabolic, precision micro-textured reflector helps move the light into a smooth, versatile, and fully optimized beam with an ample reach and excellent surrounding light flood. Its lowest output produces a 15 lumen stream of light that saves battery power which lasts for 45 hours.

This light is switched on with a tactical tailcap click switch that can be fully pushed for a constant stream of light, or half pushed to release light for a few moments. It is reportedly even bomb-resistant and has a lifetime warranty.

However, some users have reported noticing a greenish tint in the light of their flashlights, which is something to consider the risk of having when buying. All warranty repairs also have a month-long turnaround time, making the lifetime warranty feature slightly less appealing.

However, if you want a flashlight with plenty of customization options and a good guarantee, then you should consider this one.
3. EcoGear FX Tactical

Don’t let the name fool you, this is not a cheapo flashlight by any means. The economical part of this tactical light is the price, which, when compared to the other 8 on the list is a great price. The FX Tactical comes complete with 2x rechargeable batteries and a rapid battery charger station.

As you have read above, having rechargeable batteries is one of the main features you should look for in a flashlight and the EcoGear FX does not disappoint. The LED is a high-quality CREE T6 and is housed in an anti-shock and anti-abrasion tough outer casing made from military grade Aluminum.

This flashlight is an extra 3/4 inch longer than the other’s in this list and that only adds to the comfort when gripped, plus when used in a self-defense situation a longer shaft is what’s needed as it allows for a great striking surface area.

This strongly-constructed, high quality flashlight is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The product comes with two rechargeable 18650 3.7v batteries and a rapid battery charger, although users can also opt to use three AAA batteries with the flashlight’s free battery adapter.

Other free accessories include a pre-installed lanyard (and a spare one), a spare O-ring, and a solar-rechargeable LED key chain flashlight. The product is shock-proof and anti-abrasive thanks to a hard-anodized finish that is designed to prevent damage even when dropped, and it is water resistant.

Its lens has a special reflector design in order to enhance the output of light intensity and the distance that it can reach. The flashlight itself has a constant current and voltage circuit design in order to protect the LED emitter from any internal damage.

The light itself is a CREE T6 LED chip that can give out up to 12000 lumens of light at its maximum brightness. Like most flashlights, it comes with five brightness modes: high, medium, low, fast strobe, and SOS signal.

It also has a zoom function, although the more focused the beam becomes, the more square that the light shining onto the point is. The battery life lasts for a long time as well, and the charger works for the batteries provided.

The barrel of the flashlight may be slightly slippery in wet conditions, and it can be said that the brightness output of the flashlight leaves something to be desired, especially for its price.

But it you are in search of a flashlight that comes with all its necessary accessories that work well, then you might want to give this one here a try!

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